Proven Leadership

Having grown up in the Central Valley, I am passionate about providing our students opportunities and 100% committed to ensuring our schools continue to successfully navigate ongoing challenges.

John, my husband of 32 years, just entered his 33rd year in law enforcement for Fresno County. Together, we have two children, Claire, a graduate of Fresno State and currently a second-year law school student, and Quaid, serving our country at the US Naval Academy. I have the unique perspective of having graduated my two children in the past five years, and am committed to making sure ALL of our county’s children reach their full potential.


I am proud to have served the Fresno County educational community for 32 years.

Since my first year teaching second grade in 1990, my life’s work has been in education and centered on service to the communities of Fresno County; that work continues every day.

I am privileged to be working alongside Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Jim Yovino and our 32 district superintendents where we work collectively to improve student outcomes and experiences.

As the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, I will provide deeply committed, principled, creative and effective leadership based upon my broad experience, which includes serving as an educator for children ages 0-22, in Clovis Unified, Central Unified, State Center Community College District, and for the past fifteen years, at the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools.

Safeguarding Kids and Teachers

One of the most important components in a student’s experience is their relationship with caring adults; it charts their course toward success and takes many forms. Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Office Staff, Environmental Staff and Safety Officers, are all part of our kids’ educational lives and it’s up to all of us, collectively, to ensure their well-being.

Each day, I devote significant focus supporting our teachers and fostering vital partnerships with stakeholders to make our educational system the very best it can be. I strive to remove barriers for Fresno County families and provide children a quality and equitable education as a moral imperative.


My platform is simple: we must ensure safe schools with health and equity at the center; we must level the playing field with quality early learning opportunities; and we must engage community partners in the shared responsibility of educating our children.


My vision for education in Fresno County prioritizes ALL children, especially those who need us most, by ensuring equal access to resources and caring adults that support a healthy development and safeguard their success for school, and for life.

Join the support of Dr. Michele Cantwell-Copher

For Fresno County Superintendent of Schools